How Do I Connect My Roku To My Wireless?

How Do I Connect My Roku To My Wireless

Before setting up your Roku device for streaming all the available streaming channels you have to connect it the internet. In this fast going world there is almost nothing possible without internet.

The things you needed for connection are, the Roku TV, Router with wireless connectivity options, and the password of your network. You also have to go through Roku account setup.

Connection Your Roku to Wireless for the First Time:

At a time you connect your Roku device to power and powered it on, and then you will be instructed by the process of setup which includes the guidelines of connecting your device to internet connection.

You may wonder that Roku won’t connect to wireless network but it is not true. Following steps will let you know whole of its procedure.

  • While setting for Roku TVs or boxes, initially you will be asked to select wired or wireless. Choose wireless.
  • For the very initial setup, your Roku device will scan for any available network automatically under its connectivity range. As the list of available network become visible, select your wireless network from that list.
  • If you are unable to find your home network, click on scan again to get the desired result.
  • Once Roku give confirmation that it is liable to get connected to your network, so you will just need to enter your home network password.
  • After entering your password, click on the connect option. If you entered correct password you will observe a confirmation which determines you that your Roku device has been connected to your wireless, home network.
  • After connection to wireless, automatically your Roku device will seek for the available software or firmware updates, and then you just have to download and install them.
  • Keep in mind that your device will be rebooting or restart at the end of software or firmware updating procedure.

  • Be patient until this procedure get accomplish before stepping to the next setup steps or viewing.

Roku Errors:

Roku error code 033 does appear at the time only when there is any issue with the software version you have. It is the common problem that happens with Roku devices. There is a troubleshooting process for this code 033 error for Roku device which is quite simple to navigate. Just assure that your wireless connection is potential.

If your Roku not connecting to TV you have to start again the Roku player and restart your system too. You also have to unplug the Roku device from power, wait a few seconds and then connect it. Simply it may solve your problem if it is not something serious.


Connection of Roku to your wireless is not a very bulky task. Just you have to be considerate to connect it to your home network and place your device near your Roku. Connection errors may occur but there are several troubleshooting methods available to get rid of it. Simply apply those and make things easier for yourself.