How to add another router to share an Internet connection?

There is no doubt that the idea of providing better wireless network coverage via an essential and amazing router is the number one concern for everyone who wants the seamless connection to the web world but also high-quality performance.

Among the plethora of technology and any router products, you can look for the professional help if you want to add another router to share an Internet connection then here is a step by step guide for you:

  • The very first step is to gather your equipment
  • Identify the router which is needed for working.
  • Have a computer available to setup for the routers.
  • Follow the professional guide to add another router to share an internet connection.
  • The basic step is to determine the IP address range for your office or building network or upstream, use it by Windows computer.
  • Now connect your computer into your upstream network’s router to proceed with further steps.
  • Click over the Windows>Start, Run, type CMD, and then click OK. The command prompt window appears here.
  • Type “ipconfig”, then press Enter.
  • For an instance, if the IP address is: then take a note of this IP address.

In this way you have added the Router to share an Internet connection

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